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Metin Gür,

Warum sind sie kriminell geworden?

Türkische Jugendliche in deutschen Gefängnissen

ISBN 3-88021-188-4
One reprint

Metin Gür, Warum sind sie kriminell geworden?

Metin Gür has a special way to tell about problems of young Turkish people getting tangled up with law in Germany: He tries to let them tell their own story much more than to write about them.


This book ("How they got criminal – Turkish girls and boys in German prisons") has become widely known, partially because of a review I wrote about the book. This review has been published in two professional periodicals. You can read it here as printed in number 3 / 1990 of Bewährungshilfe, a periodical for juridicial welfare specialists.


Metin Gür and me made two readings about this book together: the first one was held in 1990 in a theatre hall in Cologne in occasion of the first print, the second one in January 1991 (on the very day of the outbreak of the Gulf War) in the central library of the city of Essen. Both reading were attended by some 50 people.


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